Our Approach

"We've worked with RMH Investment Management for 9 years. We both feel confident and sleep at night without worrying about our investments."Judi & Skip Brauns

RMH Investment Management's approach to investment management is based around a disciplined process of balancing risk/return that generates consistent performance over time.

Our unique approach to investing is grounded in a conservative, income-oriented methodology that will stand the test of time and help you accomplish your goals and objectives. Portfolio management and stock selection are performed in-house, and your portfolio is custom designed to fit your needs.

It Begins with a Plan

RMH Investment Management uses a variety of tools to determine your needs, risk preferences, time horizon, and overall financial situation. We then design a Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement that is tailored just for you. Based on this financial plan and investment policy, the optimal asset allocation mix is determined and implemented. Both the Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement are reviewed with you at least annually.

Time-Tested Investment Strategies

Our Diversified Fund Strategy designs a customized portfolio solution that seeks to best accomplish your goals and objectives within an agreed upon and easy-to-understand level of risk. By employing our proprietary model, we have helped many clients withstand the ups and downs of today's financial markets and avoid costly emotional investing mistakes.

The RMH Income Strategy has a long track record of achieving excellent returns throughout many market cycles by focusing on recurring and sustainable income from its investments. This strategy will meet your income needs while maintaining an appropriate level of risk primarily using individual securities. Our extensive research process is performed in-house using fundamental analysis.

If you are tired of earning close to nothing from your CDs but do not feel comfortable with the financial markets, then the RMH Conservative Strategy might be your solution. This strategy is consistently delivering respectable returns with little-to-no risk.

Investment Performance Monitoring

Our Approach

RMH Investment Management provides regular investment performance reports for our clients. For clients using outside managers, we monitor and analyze performance and provide a quarterly summary of results, along with our recommendations regarding the outside manager. Through our custodian partnerships, each client has a secure, private website that they can access at any time to review performance, keep track of account activity and store or review any documents.

Investment Manager Selection

The vast majority of our clients' investments are managed in-house. However, in certain situations where an outside manager(s) is preferred, RMH Investment Management will screen, interview, and monitor outside managers on the client's behalf.

Dedicated Investment Professionals

Our portfolio managers are highly skilled in investment management, possessing advanced training such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Combined with decades of experience working across market cycles, we're able to make sense of current market conditions and best position portfolios for long-term success, balancing both risk and return.

Objective, Fee-Based Approach

RMH Investment Management is compensated on a fee schedule based on assets under management. We do not sell securities or insurance or collect commissions, and we fully disclose costs or possible conflicts of interest.